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It makes my job easier when I collaborate with business owners that already understand their brand and how marketing works.

It's a passion of mine to share my expertise in branding and marketing with small business owners struggling to be found.

I offer classes and workshops designed to empower businesses to take control of their brands and supercharge their marketing efforts!

Some of the feedback I've gotten from my classes:

"What an eye-opener! Nikki shared what it takes to create a trusted brand. By emphasizing the work that comes before any logos or colors are chosen, she helped me look deeper into what a brand actually represents." 
Jason Antalek

"It was a day well spent! The content and process was beyond excellent. I have a strategy for 2019, tailored to my business! It was great to share with others, yet also stay focused on what my business needs. When a program is as good as this one, the world needs to get out. So helpful to the businesses who can participate."
Robin Lybeck

"I am about 2/3 through the branding video. I keep stopping and working on the workbook. On Saturday I was working on my branding positioning statement and literally ended up in tears. This has been such an emotional and transformational I really enjoyed the parts about the mission and vision statement and core values. All important to how I present my self. It has been a great opportunity and journey for me and my business, realizing what I was doing wasn't really what I wanted to do anymore. The changes are super exciting and sort of scary because it is so different and unconventional self-discovery...Thank you!!"
Kris Magyar

Building a Brand for Your Spiritual Business

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AVAILABLE ONLINE! 3-hour video workshop & workbook
Cost: $60.00

Branding is so essential but is also a concept that is frequently misunderstood. Come learn more about how to develop your brand so that your marketing is consistent and attracts the right audience. Building a business brand is the first step to marketing and growing your company.

Nikki Milton has been teaching branding and marketing for over 10 years. She owns a marketing company that specializes in curating and creating content for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this class, expect an in-depth look at branding and how to incorporate into all areas of your spiritual business. Students will receive a digital workbook with their course admission.

This course includes an overview of:

  • What is branding exactly?
  • The elements of a building a business brand.
  • Details steps for creating your own brand.
  • What NOT to do when branding.
  • The importance of touchpoints.
  • What branding will accomplish for your business.
  • How to stand out from your competition.
  • Building an online presence for your business.

Supercharge Your Business Workshop

Cost: $125 for the weekend and includes the workbook

What if you could set aside a weekend and plan out the marketing content for your business before the new year?

Wouldn't it be great to go into January knowing you already had a plan in place to help you grow awareness, gain attention, and earn trust for your business?

Awareness + Attention + Trust = $$$

Join me for a guided, 2-day, training and brainstorming workshop to plot the course of your marketing for next year.

No more stumbling in the dark. No more flying by the seat of your pants. 

The cost for the weekend workshop is $125.00. Day One is branding and marketing training and Day Two is the brainstorming and planning session.

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