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Taking Risks in Small Business

TakingRisks inSmall business

Starting a business is a risk.

Yes, we can make it less of a risk by investing in market research and conducting surveys. That's sound business practice.

Sometimes even the greatest idea, however, falls flat - doesn't get the right traction - or stumbles into some bad PR.

Plus there are high volume seasons and quiet seasons. There's bad management or leadership. Lots of potential pitfalls and failures await.

Bottom line... being a business owner is risky.
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The Hard Sell is Dead

The hard sell is dead

We throw out our direct mail (junk mail), we hang up No Soliciting signs (Girl Scouts only please), promotional emails go to our junk folders (SPAM!), we fast forward through commercials (thank you DVR and Netflix) and if we don't recognize the number - we don't answer (thank goodness for voicemail).

We avoid sales offers like they're deadly and contagious. The used car salesman persona? Yeah, we know, we hate it, and we'd rather do anything than listen to a sales pitch.

The hard sell is dead. Always be closing is now Always Be Connecting.

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