Being Before Branding

Being before branding 1When I first noticed businesses struggling with their marketing and their messaging, I wanted to help. Often a small business would come to me looking for answers on what to do and where to do it but none of these were true fixes to their problem.


Because they had never branded their business. 

Most businesses think that have a brand. And, they do, in a way. Your company has a brand whether you've ever decided to work on it or not. Since branding is simply a person's gut feeling about a business, it exists regardless of your influence. 

Obviously, it's better to be intentional with your branding than it is to just leave it up to the public to create your brand for you. Sadly, many small businesses don't understand branding and they are often sold on the idea that they need to pay a graphic designer to create their brand for them.

Don't fall for it. Only YOU can build your brand foundation. If you don't know who you are and how you show up, if you aren't clear on your purpose and your messaging, if you haven't decided who your business is and who it wants to be when it grows up - you aren't ready for a graphic designer... or a logo... or a website. You certainly aren't ready for marketing. 

Since this was a frequent concern, I started teaching branding classes. We started at the beginning... WAY before the logo and the website. I created a workshop and a sixty-page workbook and I was passionate about sharing this content with businesses and motivating them to get really clear on their own brand. IT WAS AWESOME.


I had created a solution to one problem only to uncover another issue. Some of the business owners coming to me looking for answers had NO IDEA who they were. They didn't know what they wanted to be. They got stumped when I asked them to define what made them special. They couldn't identify what made them different or why a customer would pick them over their competition. 

Oh boy. Here we were, stuck again. How could I help? 


What if the missing puzzle piece was self-awareness? Could a lack of self-awareness impact a business owner from being able to successfully brand their company? 

Know Thyself (inscribed at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo, home of the Oracle of Delphi)

Not only did business owners need to spend time becoming more self-aware, but they also needed to identify all the things that made them different. 

Quirky. Weird. The round pegs in the square holes (thanks, Apple!)

We spend our youth trying desperately to conform and fit it. We're told not to rock the boat. Do as you're told. Because we said so. However, the truly successful business owners are anything but ordinary. With all the noise online today, the only way to get noticed is to stand out. 

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out!" Dr. Suess


You first have to remember who you are. Then you can build a brand around what you bring to the table. Self-awareness is the key to unlocking all the sparkly bits that make you special. 

Once you figure that out, you can build your brand.

Then I can help you market it.

On Saturday, February 23rd, I'll be speaking at the Heartbeat Marketing VIP Day on Being Before Branding: The Importance of Self-Awareness in your business. They selected my talk as the first presentation of the day and I'm excited to be sharing it with this new audience of holistic, health and wellness practitioners. If you don't have your tickets for this event yet and you'd like to go, click here

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