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Branding, Marketing and Sales: A Breakdown

Branding Marketing SalesNot everyone is a marketing expert or a salesperson. Many of my clients are small business owners who are just getting started with pursuing their purpose and are passionate about what they do... but that doesn't mean they know the first thing about branding or marketing or sales.

I've found that many of them are confused about the difference between those three business tasks. 

That's fair. Why should they be an expert in something outside of their talents, skillsets, and experience? However, as a business owner, understanding the difference is necessary to put together a solid business and marketing strategy.

Let me break it down for you so that you'll never be confused about branding, marketing, and sales again.
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The Importance of Branding - Why Your Business Needs a Brand

Why Your Business Needs a BrandIn some circles, I run into small business owners that think of branding as a task to check off their marketing list. Not fully understanding the importance of branding, they put it off, justify not doing it, and aren't overly concerned about when it will get done.

This makes me sad and not just a little concerned. They don't know any better and it can be difficult to convince someone on the fly just how essential building a brand foundation and getting brand clarity is for their business.

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What Business Are You REALLY In?

What Business Are You REALLY InWhen I ask my students what business are you really in I get blank stares or descriptions of their product, service or offer. That's okay. It's a trick question.

When I'm consulting clients on their brand foundation, this is the place we start. 

The feedback that I get afterward suggests that it's one of the most impactful aspects of my branding workshop. Why?

The answer is rarely what you think.
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The Definition of Branding & What Branding Means (The Right and the Oh, So, Wrong)

The Definition of Branding What Branding MeansThe first place I start with any small business looking to grow is to cover what branding means. Branding can be a confusing concept. I run across small business owners often who are either 1) unsure what branding actually is or 2) think they have a handle on branding but are on the wrong path.

It’s not their fault. It’s not as if branding has always been a mainstream concept. Also, there is a ton of misleading (and downright incorrect) information out there.

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Marketing Strategy - The Next 2 or the Next 200?

The Next 2 or 200
As a business owner, you are given TONS of tips and tricks and advice regarding your marketing strategy. Are you overwhelmed yet?

You should be.

Marketing approaches are varied and diverse and there is no 'one size fits all' strategy for your business. Sad, but true. To help you narrow down your choices, I have a question for you to ponder.

 Would you rather focus on finding the next 2 people or the next 200 people with your marketing efforts?

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