Abbey Harrison: Assist for the Win

Nikki has saved me so much time, it is unreal! I’ve been meaning to do a blog and every time I would actually find 5 minutes to sit down and write, I’d get writer’s block! Not only does Nikki take the task off me, but she’s VERY good at what she does!

assist for the win


Betsy Wiersma: CampExperience Network

Love Nikki Milton and Marvel Marketing Squad. Nikki is part of our 'staff' with her brilliant mind and fantastic marketing skills. I highly recommend Nikki Milton and her team.

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Brigitte Ades: ReferralCPR

Having Nikki write my blogs has made my life much easier. It is nice to be able to tell Nikki what I want and "presto" she comes up with amazing content. 

Nikki has taken that burden from me and makes me look awesome! My customers and prospects love her articles. Nikki always seems to know exactly what to say every month. Her writing is tasteful, creative and informative to the end reader.

I would recommend Nikki to the business owner who wants to look good on their website, social media even for newsletters. Nikki is priceless in my book!!

Thank you Nikki for making me look good!

brigitte ades


Valerie Morris: Tintero Creative

I cannot say enough good things about Nikki and her team! There is no micromanaging needed - they always get the job done when they say they will and with great communication if there are any questions. The writing is always on point and in such an easy writing style that anyone can understand it. That is so valuable in blogging and web copy today. I so appreciate Nikki and the way she does business. Month after month, Nikki and her team never disappoint. Highly recommend if you need support for administrative and marketing tasks!

tintero creative


Erin Cell: Socially Powered

Nikki Goethals, Marvel Marketing is a lifesaver! Seriously, my business would not be in the place it is without the help of Nikki and her team. She is responsive, creative, an excellent communicator & overall delight to work with. I highly recommend Nikki if you are looking to expand your marketing, need help with blogging, client management, administrative assistance & so much more! 

socially powered 


Hollie Clere: The Social Media Advisor

In all of my years of serving businesses in Social Media Marketing, I have never encountered a stronger set of professionals who provide the entire backbone for a marketing business. I am honored to have such a valuable resource on my team. Nikki is creative, excellent communicator, intentional about her work and extremely organized. She helps me take care of all of my client's needs. I value her, her time and her experience deeply. I recommend her support services to everyone I visit with. If you are busy taking care of your clients and not focusing on marketing your business, you should definitely consider adding Nikki to your team. I highly recommend her for anything administrative, for content development, thought creation, blogging and client management. She is a rock star!

hollie clere


Vialet Rayne: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Marvel Marketing Squad is an amazing team. They provide creative, eye-catching, professional and engaging marketing for your social media needs. If you are looking for professional marketing and engaging content, you will love their work. I would highly recommend this squad for your business.

discover your spiritual gifts 


Melody Jones: Social Media Management Services

Nikki and her team have helped me manage my own business by taking on administrative tasks efficiently and professionally. Nikki is responsive, calm, and an open communicator about ongoing business needs, and she never gets flustered at last minute changes. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have Nikki as part of my own team! She makes things easier, and I never have to worry whether tasks are being completed because she and her team are on top of deadlines. It's my pleasure to recommend Nikki for any administrative and writing/blogging needs you have.

melody jones


Dina Tibbs: aMUSEd Woman Studios

I call Nikki the Social Media Goddess, because really without her I don't know where my business would be. She creates brilliantly branded content, assists with my strategy and helps keep my Muse in line and on track, even when I would prefer to be playing. She is patient, kind, brilliant and will guide you towards the understanding that your brand is you, and your story is important. She helps you share it

dina tibbs


Mary Gaul: Success Magnified

Nikki is great to work with for my marketing support needs. Her and the "squad" do a really nice job of writing blogs and posts in my voice!


Jason Kohut: Quality Engineering Designs

Love this service, easy to deal with and very responsive. Would highly recommend Marvel Marketing Squad – Nikki Goethals is the best!

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Laura Bean: One Stop Operations

MAN! Have I told you how much I LOVE your writing. I am so lucky to have you on my team.


Chalee Confer: Get Reorganized

I am sooooo glad I met you! You've made my life so much easier and your team really knows how to capture the 'voice' in my articles - much better than I can myself.

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Marla Smith: Elements of Style Image Consulting LLC

I work with Nikki for all of my social media posts, and she is absolutely wonderful, she makes me look like a genius!

Elements of Style rgb

Michelle K.: InMotion Hosting

Nikki and her team of writers always provided us with high-quality content quickly and at a reasonable price. Whatever subject matter we threw at them, they came back with creative, well-thought-out articles. I wouldn't hesitate to use Marvel again in the future.

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Jeff Milton: Marketing Progress

Marvel Marketing Squad understands branding and can seamlessly integrate with your company's voice. They write blogs, handle your social media as little or as much as you want, and write website and marketing content. We love them!

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